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Does Your Home/Office Decor Tell a Story ?

It is often said how you live tells a story about You. And this story is derived off passions, behavior, and possessions. If you don’t think people get an immediate impression of you the minute they walk into your home, office or even car, you are “missing the boat”. The look and feel of a […]

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Vintage Home Decor Ideas: Antique Posters-Remarkable Photography-Historical Documents & Artifacts

  Over the past 20 years I have had countless people ask me about framing, displaying, presenting their valuable vintage treasures.  So, recenty I started to put otgetrh a great resource for my valued cusomters where I will showcase some of the best examples of hoems that have created a uniqye personality with vintage posters, […]

Ten Signs an Autograph Dealer May be Selling Forgeries

There have been countless write-ups and articles about what to look for when it comes to buying autographs. Most have the same basic information such as “if too good to be true”, compare to known exemplars, secretarials, autopens, etc. Therefore, instead of regurgitating the technical aspects of authentication, the focus here will be “autograph dealers”. What specifically to […]