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offers the most Rare Historical Autographs, Original Vintage Movie Posters and Classic Sports Memorabilia you will find Anywhere.

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ULTRA RARE “Herman Munster” (Fred Gwynne) Autographed Photo

Fred Gwynne
ULTRA Rare “Herman Munster” Autographed Photo
JSA Certified

After Fred Gwynne completed the “Munsters” series he found it very difficult to acquire new roles as he was forever remembered, and hence typecasted, as Herman Munster.  That misfortune induced a resentment and Fred Gwynne would spend a good part of his life loathing his association with that role.  As a result, he refused to sign anything related to the Munsters.  Thus, a scarcity of signed “Herman Munster” photos.  Only photos signed during or shortly after the Munsters aired did he sign a handful of photos.   And I have only seen two other authentic examples before this one.   Other than crude forgeries (often in bold modern flair pens) on eBay, genuine examples are of the utmost rarity!  And this is certainly a beauty!  And it is certified by JSA.

Gwynne starred in the 1960s television series “Car 54, Where Are You?” and “The Munsters”, playing the role of “Herman Munster.” Great black and white photo of Gwynne as “Herman Munster” signed in black felt pen with a Near Mint to Mint signature. The Herman Munster (Fred Gwynne) autographed photo exhibits some minor handling wear. Full JSA LOA.

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
Conway’s Vintage Treasures
UACC Registered dealer No 307

Conway’s Vintage Treasures offers most Rare Guaranteed Genuine Historical Autographs, Original Vintage Movie Posters and Classic Sports Memorabilia you will find Anywhere.

John Wayne Autographs & Original Vintage Movie Posters

John Wayne’s autograph can be very tricky to authenticate if you don;t have much experience with his signature.   His secretary signed most of his autograph requests and f course there are countless forgeries which are usually easy to spot.  We have been studying and collecting his autograph for about 30 years and have developed an expertise with his handwriting and signature.

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Conway’s Vintage Treasures PSA Harry Houdini Autographs Signatures Photos

Conway’s Vintage Treasures, has just listed on their website, two extraordinary Harry Houdini autograph pieces, both certified by PSA.    Conway’s continues to scour the universe for the most rare, authentic historical autographs and vintage movie and sports memorabilia.   Check out our latest finds HERE..

The most Rare Historical Autographs, Original Vintage Movie Posters and Classic Sports Memorabilia you will find Anywhere.

Ten Signs an Autograph Dealer May be Selling Forgeries

There have been countless write-ups and articles about what to look for when it comes to buying autographs. Most have the same basic information such as “if too good to be true”, compare to known exemplars, secretarials, autopens, etc. Therefore, instead of regurgitating the technical aspects of authentication, the focus here will be “autograph dealers”. What specifically to look for in a dealer’s presentation, reputation and behavior that may trigger a “red flag” that something is “not right”.  Consequently, as more suspicious autograph sellers appear on the market; this will hopefully equip collectors with the data that will help avert a costly, painful experience. .  Listed below are primarily my own personal experiences over the last 30 years of collecting.

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